Hi guy / gals, it’s been quite long time I’ve never updated my/this site. For few months, I meet new friends with a very interesting hobby, Airsoft Games! I’m easily got accustomed to this new hobby during my weekends and one of the main reasons why I love this game so much now is their remarkable suits & equipments.

Airsoft game is just a recreational activity which you can eliminate your opponents by hitting them with a spherical plastic pellets through the airsoft pump or gun. Game scenario will vary to the organizers, neither short-term skirmish or MilSim (Military Simulation), or a historical reenactment. 

Adrenaline rush is high during the game, It actually take us back to the time of our childhood and playing games like “Cops versus Robbers”, “Army Wars”, etc.. Any combat scenarios set by the organizers are really cool (for me); pretending an elite force moving or going to assault enemy territory and completing any dangerous missions. As they say,IT’S AN EVERY KIDS FANTASY, to do something like that..”

Other than this, the most important I learned from this game is friendship and brotherhood. It takes me out from my cubicle world. Thanks God for the beautiful life...