Online stock trading has
become very popular

and interesting because of the
easy access through internet;
it excites and thrills the people
way to their new
financial vehicle via online.

If you are interested on this new venture, you need first to create an account through any online brokerage firm. Below is the most known online broker here in the Philippines;

- AB Capital Securities, Inc.,
- Accord Capital Equities Corporation,
- BPI Securities Corporation,
- CitiSecurities, Inc.,
- Diversified Securities, Inc.,
- F. Yap Securities, Inc.,
- First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp,
- RCBC Securities, Inc.

You need to download the application forms and fill it up. Prepare to attach the requested legal document copies and send neither through courier or personally submit to their office for approval. The next process is to fund your account or portfolio, every broker have a different amount requirement as minimum fund to be deposit before you can operate their platform online. It’s strongly recommended to attend first seminars and trainings before doing the actual buy and sell. Most brokerage is offering this for free.

Benefits of trading stock online is that you can immediately access your account and easily updated with the latest stock market information, news, projects of the company in which you’ve been interested or planning to invest. The broker charges are very minimal per buy or sell trade executed. The other most important doing online stock trading is that you have a permit to chart the price movements and other indicators of any stocks you preferred, this where the technical analysis gets in. Other brokerage firms has a special facility provided to clients or online traders; like hot stock tips, chart or technical analysis, fundamental analysis, counseling or guidance, etc.

Personally, the most important on trading online is the lot of time saved. We can manage our schedule and money while enjoying the thrill of trade at our convenience in the ambiance in our home.

Since that I'm also an employed to the company not related to any financial institutions, working straight a whole day. And a married person with a child, but still I want to invest and trade at stock market and most importantly... I wanted to grow my money. Online stock trading gives me opportunity to cover all of this, I'm just very thankful that I didn't let pass this opportunity before; to learn how trade stocks through internet. Totally, the online stock trader or investor enjoy the liberty to decide on you own way.

Enjoy the fun of online stock trading by investing liberally. Just don’t forget to build strong fundamental knowledge which will pay you the better interest later and spending more time with our family is best profit at all!  God Bless.

Citisec Online Broker commercial video.