The power of gold has never diminished; we could trace it back to Biblical times. During the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, they say that the ounce of gold can be bought with hundred loaves of bread based from the Old Testament. For recent events in Zimbabwe particularly, the 1 grams of gold is equivalent only of one loaf of bread. (Check the last video for the documentary).

Even from the ancient kings and conquerors are fascinated with gold, not only as a currency or as mean of commerce and trade, but also for the beauty and splendor it conveyed to its owners.

Historically, gold has been a proven method of preserving value when a national currency was losing value. If your investments are valued in a depreciating currency, allocating a portion to gold assets is similar to a financial insurance policy. In the past year, the climb in the price of gold above $800 per ounce is due to many factors, one being that the dollar is losing value.

Today, like most commodities, the price of gold is driven by supply and demand as well as speculation. When times of economic uncertainties. We could see most wealthy people buy or invest more gold as a way of dealing with the unforeseen problem caused by inflation or recession.

Below is the list how we could access to invest on gold.
a. Gold Bullion 
b. Gold Coins 
c. Numismatic Coins 
d. Gold Certificate 
e. Gold Futures & Options
f.  Jewelry 
g. Exchange Trade fund 
h. Gold Mutual Fund 

For the above list, I preferred to invest on Gold Mining Stocks or public listed company on mining sector. Locally, Philex Mining Corporation is the brilliant one. On 2010, Mr. Manny Pangilinan, chairman of the Metro Pacific Investment Corp. (MPI) bought stock shares at P20+/s. At that time, majority of the investors thought that was just a gamble, buying Philex Mining stocks at over priced level. As I remember, share price drops immediately to P14~15.0/s at least -40.0%. And that’s 2 years ago, Mr. Pangilinan is also a brilliant man, he foreseen those gold prices will soon surge, and then today he’s the one laughing… current selling price of Philex Mining Corp. stocks is P25.0/share.

If we’re really want to invest on physical gold. I favored on gold coins than bars, is it true that gold coins are simply one-ounce gold. Commonly misunderstood about buying and selling gold coins are that they’re more expensive due to limited supply. We could see that more investors considered it as collectibles.

While in gold bars, we could find it more expensive to sell on the market especially for larger quantities. It could only best to trade gold bars when there’s a specific industrial needs. Gold bars may be cost-effective way to buy for manufacturing companies, most likely is electronics that have specific use for gold. The bigger the size of each bar, the harder it will be to sell, it’s not much a good choice for an investor then.

What's more, the gold coins are backed by Governments rather than authenticated by a refinery that has mass-produced gold bullion bars. Unlike gold bars, coins are cheaper to buy and easier to sell. They are cheaper because many miscellaneous handling and assay fees are eliminated and they are easier to sell because they come in a smaller size.

The below gold coins are the most popular gold coins in the Philippines. Sad to say, I can't afford anyone of this.

Ninoy Aquino Commemorative Gold Coin 
Diameter : 38.6mm 
Weight : 1 oz 
Content : Fine Gold 999.9 
Quality : Proof  
Edge : Milled  
Issue Year : 2003  
Limited Mintage : 2999  
Denomination : 5000 Liras  
Issuing Authority : Knights of Malta -Sovereign Order of the Hospitaller's of St. John of Jerusalem  

Endorsing Authority : The Spirit of EDSA Foundation, Inc. Series : Champions for Peace

The immortalized assertion of our beloved hero, Ninoy, that the “Filipino is Worth Dying For”, is as valid and appropriate as the day it was uttered by our beloved martyr. Yet, it is refreshing to recall the glory of high principles, the quest for higher causes, and the genuine sacrifice of selfless commitment for country and people above one's self. And this, undeniably, are the qualities of Ninoy Aquino and with those qualities, the courage of his martyrdom that gave birth to a genuine peaceful transition from a nation imprisoned under apathy and fear, to one of unity and an awakening spirit, giving birth to genuine People Power for effective change, reform, and principled politics. Truly, a Champion for Peace!

Five Thousand Peso Commemorative Gold Coin
Bagong Lipunan's 5th Anniversary
Obverse: President Ferdianand E. Marcos and First Lady Imelda R. Marcos, The New Society, "V Anniversary", 1972-1977
Reverse: Seal of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Republika ng Pilipinas, 5000 Piso
Quality: Frosted proof
Material: 2.21 troy ounces 900/1000 fine gold

The below is a Zimbabwe video, trading gold in exchange of  a loaf of bread. Leading hundred of people starve to death, especially the old aged. Others are force to pan gold powder from the rivers to exchange for food at an exorbitant rate. Indeed, gold is powerful.