In to the previous post about gold holdings, below is the data from Philex Mining Corporation (PX). One of the public listed company in Exchange Market under mining category. Last year, Manny Pangilinan bought major shares from price P25.00 and every body thinks that's already an overprice. As of Sept. 07 this year, selling of the company closed at 27.60/s. Who's laughing now?

The Company’s August value of production reached php1.476B the bulk, php886M (60%) were accounted for by gold (11,518 oz @ $1,820/oz). Copper production totaled 3,236,979 lbs or php571M @ $4.17/lb.

Silver contributed php19M on 10,971 oz worth $41.35/oz. Shipment to Louis Dreyfus Commodities Metals Suisse SA fetched an aggregate estimated gross value of php1.003B.