Those who took risk by catching falling knives last weeks downturn of PSEi are now harvesting short term profits. Expect an correction for the next coming days due to long weekend coming, the Philippine Government declared October 31, 2011 a special non working holiday then followed by November 01 & 02.

Major Asian markets also jumped the bandwagon as today’s indexes reflect a sharp burst upward as a reflection of the positive sentiments of the global economy. Expectations should increase in the coming days after the breaking news of France and Germany assuring the global market that the euro will be saved.

Lepanto Consolidated Mining (LC, LCB) announced that development at its Victoria orebody mine has been completed and production has resumed. It expects deliveries to double to 2,000 tons per day with a gold production of 13,000 ounces for 4Q11. Buy on weakness.

AGP Industrial Corp. (AGP) said that its partnership with Glencore International AG and NiHao Mineral Resources (NI) are set to identify possible mining projects through its subsidiaries, namely: Alta Minera, Inc. and Breccia Resources, Inc. In addition, the company expects that its mining ventures will generate up to 90% of total revenues by 2016. Neutral.

Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO) issued PhP6.5bn worth of Peso Unsecured Subordinated Notes last Friday. Qualified as Tier 2 capital, the notes carry a coupon of 6.375% with a maturity of 10 years and months from issue date. The bank has the option to call on the notes after five years and one day after issuance. With this second note sale, BDO has raised PhP15.0bn for its capital and expansion plans. Buy on weakness.

Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp. (AT) reported that total mill throughput for September 2011 reached 1.17m tons of ore, resulting in the production of 10,624 dry metric tons of copper concentrate. In addition, two shipments of copper concentrates totaling 9,875 DMT were made to a Korean smelter. The value of shipments amounted to US$23.1m based on prices of US$3.80 per pound for copper and US $1,759 per ounce for gold. Buy on weakness.

This is the beauty on stock market trading, we could make a good profit in short term after shakes. People emotions on trading is really fascinating and complicated, most of us tend to dispose our shares in time of market shakes while majority of those with dipper pockets keeps buying. Some, including myself made a cut-loss sale so that we could buy back at the bottom to take advantage of the momentum later. Easy said than done actually, the pressure and anxiety is huge on this business. If you think that you didn't like much this intense, choose long-term investment instead which is more less stress & headache at all.

I also made a good play at Boulevard Holdings, Inc. (BHI) this week. Thanks for the rough ride and I made some quick trade before the crash. I assumed that the short momentum is only pushed by insider hypes and rumors played by DJ's, let's be cautions on like this game by bigger boys from the arena. I'm only lucky to have a good exit then.

God bless and good luck fellow trader.
Angat Pinoy!

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