PSEi get tumbled and roll tremendously after the simultaneous crisis from Middle East & Japan this past few months.

DOW world market is the general performer which also rides our local prices, aside from this... based from my/our experienced, first and second quarter of the year is usually the hardest part to profit

 I decided to settled my funds at holding sector which is the AEV or Aboitiz Company. Mother company of Aboitiz businesses, where I believed that this large-cap will protect my investment for very volatile situations.

From December 2010 ‘till March 2011, financial market went all down and this includes ASEAN market after an earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis hit at Fukushima, Japan
. It just shows recovery at the beginning at month April 2011, and as I expected… AEV didn’t suffer much on this volatility, although she doesn’t go much higher fluctuates, it didn’t also go down compared to other companies. On my own thinking, I successfully defended my fund on the market by holding it ‘till today. But the best performer so far which shows better recovery is DMC, and JGS, AEV & NIKL simply stays at consolidated stage. AEV price managed to be one ahead from other large-cap companies, with the underlying values makes it more attractive.

So far, PSE index is now on track at 4250pts level from 3750 last Feb~Mar… but the fast growth of this recovery is might fall to price correction soonest, so we need to be watchful again.

The below cartoon is just a joke on investing safely.. :D