Stock pick by Mr Bo Sanchez (TrulyRichClub), “I love this time- because it’s buying time.” Unless he’d informed us to stop buying, the top 5 priority companies are Ayala Land (ALI), Energy Development Company (EDC), First Philippine Holdings (FPH), Aboitiz Power (AP), and Metrobank (MBT).

The below is the list of the five priority to buy stock shares. Buying through SAM strategy, posted previous how to execute this method. Else check on this lick; SAM.

Reasons why he’d picked these 5 companies against the 240+ public listed at Philippine stock market is only one word…“Disparity”. That’s where they believed the magic is, and where the earnings are. To look for faster growing giants, we need to look also for a bigger disparity between perceived value and its actual value. It would be easy to know the perceived value of a company, just looking the current share price, that’s how much people are willing to buy it now. It’s a little bit more difficult to look at the actual value. We need very good analysts to study the company fundamentals, assets and projected income. And the actual value is a big part or our Target Price.

Why not he chooses other bigger companies? Most of the bigger companies’ now at current prices are almost equal to or near to their actual value and Target Price.

Happy investing. Angat Pinoy!.