Vista Land and Lifescapes (VLL), closed today (May 17, 2010) at 1.60 per share. Previously dropped to the lowest at 1.58 per share under 52 weeks record, whereas the highest selling price reached is 2.16 per share under 52 weeks record.

The incident slowly seen started two days before the result of the national election, where presidential candidate Mr Manny Villar Jr.; chairman of the board, showed lag on vote counting.

As per the disclosure submitted to the exchange, company shareholder meeting will be on June 15, 2010. Most likely the board will push a right or bulk sale to recover losses on the election campaign expenses. Short term traders might ride on this short momentum.

I believed that this price crash are all just temporary, ego trader or investor who dumped this stocks will soon buying back again after good reports and statements as a result on annual meeting. Honestly, I don’t vote Villar for president, but it’s all different in terms of business. I presumed that election related issues will soon be forgotten and this company will stand on its feet back again in no time.  

Fundamentally, VLL operates well on four distinct business units; Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes and Communities Philippines. Our country economy are going well, this will be followed through lower mortgages, means good sale profit on property sector. 

Share Price = 1.76
High (past 52 weeks) = 2.16
Low (past 52 weeks) = 1.58
Market Cap. (Php) = 15,198,958,293
Price-Earnings Ratio = 6.51
Earnings Per Share = 0.27

Technically, based alone on MACD chart, this will go forward after a bounce on 1.58 per share last week support. Buy more if resistance on 2.0 per share broke, and be prepared to cut-loss at 1.60 ranges then buy back at 1.30 range supports.

MACD chart set at 0.0122 points, going up.
RSI chart down at 47.735 points.

Today (May17, 2010) bid price closed at range 1.74/s~1.72/s, bid volumes are 6,431,000 and 6,252,000 simultaneously. While the offer price ranged at 1.76/s~1.78/s at volume of 1,034,000 and 860,000. These indicate an easy recovery on recent price pullback on the next days or week.

But remember, before buying, you should consider doing your own research also. Above data or analysis might be wrong!.