I do trade online and I constantly monitor the chart movements through internet neither from my online broker or just from the Philippine Stock Exchange website is good enough.

I stick to simplicity which is also the basic, MACD and RSI is my primary chart tools. And as an online stock trader, all this data are handy and easy access to me even if I’m home.  

The MACD chart is popular to the technical traders as indicator, used as bases when to buy and sell our holdings. It’s very useful indicator especially for online trading, neither stock nor currency (FOREX). Since our market plays so volatile, majority of the technical traders needs stable system that give signals when to get in and out, and avoiding premature executions. On this, MACD becomes suitable.

Known to pronounce as “Mack-D”, the acronym MACD means “Moving Average Convergence Divergence”.

Personally, I do use MACD chart to evaluate the market trend before entering bids…when the bid is closed, I monitored again on the next days if the movement change. To determine if it is going to be bullish or a bear trend? The two colored indicators from the chart are very much to observed, these are purple and blue colors. The idea is, when purple color line is above the blue means the price movement is down or going down further then vice versa. I just patiently waits when it post a crossed over indicator, we must place a bet before it take momentum to uptrend.

Let’s take example from my new trades at AGI at price of 9.55/share. Base from the MACD chart below from PSE website, I made markings for the indicators where I entered a bid on June 15,2011. From the chart itself, it shows that there’s a failed first attempt to uptrend last June 02, and I notice also that the volume is getting thinner too. I do expect a cross over soon, which been confirmed on June 17, 2011 where the price is closed at 10.38/share hovering at least 8.69% profit for 3 days. And it might rouse higher by next week, but since I do intend only to hold this share for short term, then 3 days is already done.

The second chart I closely watch is the RSI, the acronym means Relative Strength Index. This indicator commonly determines the true value of an oscillator; overbought or oversold positions. This chart usually tandem with the MACD, the two most be synchronized to convince a technical trader when it’s right time to buy or sell issue, and not to push the bottom too early.

All these charts can be view at Philippine Stock Exchange website or to your online brokers’ website at research section probably. Before I decide placing my bet, I must also check this charts first to give me confidence that I’m on the right tracks. This will show how much risk we’ve been dealing, the lower positions of lines is the better.

Take note, the two charts can't really assures you a winning bets. They're only a guide or reference to us, even sometimes it show almost perfect that convinced us a brighter outcome, still it's remains unpredictable. We can see it on price movements at Agrinurture, Inc (ANI). We could see below the several attempts to recover from sinking trends, however for this scenario, it also involves internal issues mainly on company fundamentals. This means that MACD and RSI is not only a sole indicator at all.

Aside from the above charts, I also monitor the other brokers buy and sell trend on the company shares I preferred to bid. We have to see who’s now buying and selling, how big the volume they accumulates or just dumping. For me, the best signal to buy is when I see a huge the volume been bought by one broker alone, and it buy again on the next higher price. Why? Because this bigger/insider people knows more than we do, we can’t defeat them for sure. And as they says, "if you can’t beat them, then joined them", sarcastic isn't? But be sure to be out first before they do, else you'll left behind holding an empty bag.

I do follow this routine for more than years now, and it gives me good profits. But please be reminded that I do fail also in many times, there’s no lucky bastard have mastered it. If you got more hi-tech software being use or other complicated charts, tips, rumors, etc to convince you before you push the buy keys, then it’s up to you. It’s your hard earned money anyway; you’re the captain of your own boat. And still I doubted if you can beat the market.

So this short-term tradings by using MACD and RSI is very useful on me through momentum or swing trades, holding the stocks for at least 2~7 days with 2~5% profit is already fulfilling.

And trading online gives me more freedom in terms of time management, I'm a regular employee from a company not related at  stock market and working 9 hours straight a day. And I have a 5 months old baby boy at home waiting, well also a wife preparing dinner. I just need a precise time to monitors the market trends, issues, technical analysis, etc., but I can't do all of this in one setting, so I preferred to be simple. And this how I trade, thanks God for the profit gains. I thank you also the losses where I've learned my loopholes.

God Bless fellow trader/investors..

Below video is just a funny eyes breaker,
when a stock market broker brakes to crazy fight. :D