To place an order “buy or sell” a stock can be done through telephone call to your agent or stock-brokerage representative, other option can be done directly online via the Internet.

Take note that buying and selling orders are all subject to a minimum number of shares as prescribed by the board lot table instituted by the PSE. Prices in the stock market may fluctuate according to the set intervals based on the price level of the shares.

Once your order has been carried out, your stockbroker will give you a confirmation invoice showing the details of your transaction.

The traditional brokers, settlement of all transactions, either buying or selling is usually done after three (3) working days from the transaction date or T+3. This means that the buyer must pay for the cost of the transaction to his stockbroker with 3 working days after the trade was done. Similarly, the seller will receive the proceeds of the sale from the broker after the 3rd day from the transaction date.

For online brokers, settlement of all transaction is done on the transaction date. To buy shares of stock, you will need to fund your account prior to any purchase. In the same manner, the proceeds of your sale will be credited to your account not later than 3 working days from the transaction date.

Trading in the Philippine stock market, Mondays to Fridays, except during holidays. Trading hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 12:10p.m., including a 10 minute run off period. Note that you can start placing your orders 30 minutes before the market opens or at 9:00a.m.

If you want to exercise your trading skills and gain more confidence before actually investing, we encourage you you to try the "PSE Stock Trading Game". To join, log on to the PSE website ( and click the "Stock Trading Game" link found at the left hand side of the PSE home page.

These are the basic charges involved in buying and selling stocks:

Stock brokers also offered free orientation and seminars for their new clients for familiarization the process on placing your desire transactions. However, you can also enroll to other private institution conducting seminars and advance training to enhance your skills and effectively.