Rainy season is here. In Philippines, we’ve encountered more than 5 typhoon since last month. Mining sectors at PSE public listed companies got halt their operation a while. But Philex Mining surges higher at P26.15/s of +2.95% and it climb to 8.60% just from 12 days (Jul. 01~13). PSEi overall turns up +53.91pts after China recently reported stronger than forecast economic growth.

I’m just still on my waiting mode when to buy back and monitoring the price movement of the stock recommendations of Mr Bo Sanchez last week. Since I’m still happy with my last month profit, theirs not need to hurry yet. Just spending airsoft game every weekend to relieved from whole week pressure work on this office cubicle.

Speaking about my hobby airsoft game, our team won an award last month from a CQB competition. This is very precious moment to us as a team, since this is our first award so far on CQB games. CQB stands for “Close Quarter Battle”. This game held either in-door or outside field in close quarters. To our competition, it’s an in-door building with 3 floors and a basement. At first, I admit I felt anxious… because the distance expected for encounter is only 10 to 40 feet. But when the game starts, the adrenaline push me up to run and I starts squeezing the trigger of my airsoft gun.

From basement, the 8 man team runs to the stairs up to the second floor where the aggressors waiting for an ambush while we’re still maneuvering for position, some of us already hit. We’re an easy spot from the stairs, good thing is, that every floor has two stair access entry. But as always, the first person in line got an immediate hit. This game scenario is very fast paced and players who camp out or hang back will lose, since the marshal is also taking time table how long did the team secures the area in short period of time.

Aside from the overall time securing the area, the number of hit players or considered died during the operation will be added 30seconds on our time period. The objective is to clear the area at short period of time with at least none or minimal casualties on the team win.

At the end of the day, unexpectedly… the marshal announces that our team won the 1st place, next from the champion.

One thing I learned on this event is that never to lose our rage when we get lit up. It’s always a feature of CQB game scenario that players’ going to be hit at short range and it hurts. Proper safety gears are highly recommended.

For us, during that time… just for fun, we’ve agreed to wearing an ordinary cotton shirt only, which is usually we’re wearing jackets or complete BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), with a vest to feel more realistic mode. As conscience, three of us and it includes me suffers minor cuts or wounds. Luckily, there’s an in house nurse at the site for emergencies. Again, proper safety gears are highly recommended, it a crazy idea of us playing less protective gears. Anyway, none got seriously hurt during that tournament.

Me, during photo-ops.
Just enjoying the weekend.
God Bless kabayans and