Friday is one of my favorite days for picking stocks, since for the next days is holiday. Most of the short-term trader will try to dispose their holdings to expense to luxury or just to reward their selves from stiff weekdays at the arena.

I usually entered my stock picks at other public forum with my colleagues, but lately I've encountered difficulties to post there. So sad, the link is , what happening to you guys? Hope you could sort it out.

As of June 10, 2011. PSEi closed at 4,219.58 points from 4,258.90 last Monday. Lots of bargain hunters now ready to catch dumped shares from the weaker hands as expected, and I decided to join the market shakes for a moment after seeing DOW Jones posted recovery. I have a confidence that the Philippine Market will follow also soon, but still I picked a conservative stocks… in case if our support at PSEi can’t really hold next week.

AYALA LAND INC. (ALI), bought at price Php15.0/share. I like them fundamentally, but this time I picked them based on my technical readings.

ALLIANCE GLOBAL INC. (AGI), caught at price Php9.80/share. Just been hammered since last week after foreign investors start selling their shares in huge volumes. But at this range 9.80~10.00 I believed to be the support and their will be bumped soon.

I’m crossing my fingers and waits for next week movements. Be reminded that I might be wrong also on my chooses, please do your own research. Good luck.