From June 30, 2011… all traders are happy for the strong rally which the PSEi closed at +41.86 points up. Followed consecutively at +60.42, +69.93 and +18.05 on July 05, 2011. Market wouldn’t always that way, I was just luckily disposed my stock shares before it go to sliding rides. July 06, 2011it begins show downtrends -40.86, -22.99 points.

It might fall to small range corrections next week or consolidations. From the last weeks resistance breaks, as high as 4,464.23 in the early trading and close little bit lower. We got hints that the rally up is over; market is now plunged by profit taker traders. At this period, we need to do another hard work to pick a best choice where to park our funds after this shakes.

Better to scout a company stock price that has been consolidated ahead from others. Let the hunts begin for next waves coming!...

Below video interview of the great Warren Buffet, sharing idea how to pick stock shares.