JG Summit Holdings Inc. (JGS) is one of the leading giant companies in the Philippines, where business interests focus on different public sectors, with the declared market capital of Php63,213,882,410.

At 2009 consolidated net income reached 1,332% as per their report submitted to the Philippine Stock Exchange last April 20, 2010. The company recovered from its losses in the previous recession, a reversal net loss from Php0.7 billion in 2008.

JGS current selling price 9.30/share last Apr.20 and closed on 9.60/s yesterday. As per book value, JGS is now trading at a 27% discount price against Php12.75/share. With the on going economic recovery, this company becomes a very attractive for LONG-TERM investment to buy.

JG Summit Holdings, Inc. is currently chaired by Mr John L. Gokongwei, Jr.  The subsidiary companies under with them are Universal Robina Corporation (URC), Cebu Air, Inc. (Cebu Pacific), Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), Digital Telecommunications Philippines Inc. (DIGITEL), JG Summit Petrochemicals Corporation's (JGSPC), Robinsons Savings Bank (RSB).  Partner companies are Robinsons Retail Group, Summit Media, Jobstreet.

All of them performed and contributed well, which they've covered the sectors on Banking, Construction and Property, Telecommunications, Food and Beverage, Transportation and oil.

And as my first post in this category (Stock Watch), I myself already profited them for almost 20% on my portfolio since last year by just two months holdings. Now, I’m thinking back again to purchase some share on this company and to hold further.

The above recommendation and also to my next post are all based on my observation and analysis only. Please do your own research before placing a buy order on your broker. Good luck.