All on TV news is the calamity brought by typhoon Juaning (internationally Nock-ten and named after a Laotian bird) last Jul. 30~Aug. 02, almost all of the government & private agencies, offices and schools are shut. Left at least 27 people dead and nine missing and displaced. And about 645,000 people are forced to flee their flooded homes, specifically from Baguio, Bicol area and Albay.

Heroism of our Philippine Armed Forces, Coast Guard, Rescuers, MMDA, Private Volunteers are all out to the flood to help our unfortunate fellow Filipinos who’s still stranded to the roof top of their houses, branches of trees, etc. What a horrific scene.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere… the TV flashed news about a brave act of the little 12 years old Filipina girl. Their house is gone due to rampant flood hits on both sides and all their belongings are taken away with the water flow.

BUT, the girl named JANELLA LELIS still had enough patriotism and nationalism to save our Philippine National Flag which is entrusted to her by her school teacher. Bravely fights the flood waters brought by the mighty typhoon.

Picture speaks a thousand words and watching this photo, I was shocked and hardly control my tears. She waken our spirit as a Filipino, why she choose to save our national flag than her personal stuff. She stands on the middle of the flood and risen the flag to avoid being slash from the massive flood and other debris. You are indeed a hero Janella.

I just hope that there is still other Janella spirit on our Filipino youngsters; I hope that the spirit of patriotism is still in flame in our hearts for every Filipino today. It just so sad that I myself almost forgotten our National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang) Song. Since even in my college days, flag ceremonies are very seldom done.

At end, I could say that this young girl on the photo (taken by Francisco Pena Lozano) did more than that… She makes us proud to be Filipino.

God Bless kabayan.