If you’re really particular on sizes, below are the matrix's as ranked public listed company on Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). These holding companies also represent the country’s economy. Holding companies that have significant stake in more than single subsidiaries which also conduct businesses though diverse vehicles. Means, they been exposed to other sectors without distressing its own operation.

One other good example is the First Philippine Holdings (FPH), which is exposed to both energy & media sector. Businesses are generally unrelated, the preference is usually not same with the overall corporate strategy yet they have singular structure.

Below are the companies ranked as per market capitalization, sales and net income as of June 03, 2011.

In addition, 5 top holding companies’ with there respected subsidiaries. Data all expressed in Philippine Peso as Millions, sales and net incomes are from end of 2010.

SM Investment, managed by Mr Henry Sy. Builds empire on retail shopping malls, widely known as SM. Banco De oro (BDO) at banking and SMDC at real estate sectors.

San Miguel Corporation established on 1890 and was a first brewery at Southeast Asia, created reputable brand names on beer business. Mr Ramon Ang, president and COO on the company diversified there businesses on other food & beverages. In recent year, SMC engaged to other sectors; property, oil, power and mining.

Aboitiz Equity Venture, this company managed to have excess supply for what others always got shortage. Electricity power generating and transportations is there aces. Personally, I liked this company since majority of their operations are located at developing province of Philippines. They’ve been frontier in many ways helping the community to reach at there peak.

Ayala Corporation, considered as one of the conservative managed company. It surely picked businesses that would bring profit. There subsidiary Ayala Land Inc (ALI) is known as synonymous with high quality standards. Ayala Corporation also has telecommunication & banking sector. With the good track record and governance it been rewarded with a consistent high ROEs for all there subsidiaries.


JG Summit, a company known through there mixed investment or business at all. Managed by Mr Gokongwei, they erected good businesses at airlines, snack food manufacturing, real estate and telecom which all networked to the main source; JGS.

Now, is size really matter? On me…YES!

But it depends how a neither investor nor trader see it perceptively, we all know that the great Goliath is just been defeated by a small skinny shepherd boy David. On stock market business, the biggest one does not mean always the best! It might be good if your looking for a safe haven, since unlike the smaller companies with a very high volatility. But high volatile small companies can sparks a good profit in any moment through commotion buying or through media, speculations, technical advantages, etc. Bigger companies can withstand bigger market shakes or crisis, and this is a downside of the smaller ones.

At end... It does depend on you; it’s your hard earned money anyway. The above data might be useful for basis for fundamental and long term investments.

Good luck... kabayan!