Local stock market starts gearing forward uptrend for last few weeks. For sure, lot of buyers got a nice bite for short trades lately, my month of June stock picks also surge to at least 20% profits.

Thanks to our Almighty One.

I also decided to run some of my funds to enjoy it. And along the way home, I meet some people which are also investing on precious stone. Amazingly, this group didn’t believed or just not interested on paper assets like on stock market trading. As I’ve listen further to them, it enlighten me also the bright sides on their ventures. But again, I preferred online business transactions since I don’t have the luxury of time also. And voila… it can be done online after all, buying physical or actual precious stones like gold and silver and deliver to our doorsteps in just few days or weeks depending to our address location or country. Aside from online, we can easily purchase these items from our local goldsmith, mining company and banks if we wanted to make sure the authenticity.

Investing on neither precious stones nor coins is quite wide in terms of holding range; it’s a contrary on my methods on stock trading. However, we as human are always fascinated with silver and gold stretches back to ancient times. And for my choice, I picked silver coins. Since as early as 700 BC, Mesopotamia traders used silver as a form of exchange for business. And later, though ages silver coins are highly recognize the value as a trading metal. Today, majority of the people throughout the world distinguish silver’s intrinsic value and have made it popular as an affordable investment than gold.

For an average investor like me, silver can be an effective means of diversifying our investment asset and protecting it against the inflation. The value of silver also varies on the country’s economy, the price may move slower when our economy is strong. This is why they say that the silver is a guarantor against inflation. But for silver coins, true value can be also determined primarily by its age and circulation, plus the silver market price.

Other most famous silver coin is, American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Chinese Panda Silver Coin.

So far, my very first silver coin is The Maria Theresia Thaler 1780 (Restrike), at the price of Php#,000.00 only. Since, this is my first coin, the seller generously throw his Philippine 1998 People Power Revolution commemorative nickel coin for free, mint condition. Now, I just hoped that this would bring me extra money in the future and I’ll be buying more if given a chance from our idle funds.

We can purchase online through ebay.ph site or at Gold Bullion – Asia sites. But for sure, we can find more on this on our local coin dealers or collectors, pawnshop, street goldsmith shop and jewelers. And not to mention, our country has huge of this raw materials, try visiting small scale mining sites on our local vicinity is another best option for sources.

To have an idea about the price movement of silver of the pass years, check below charts. At 2009, we could see clearly at its only USD10~15.00 range and today, it breach already at USD35.00 level as of today. Indeed, silver is another options of investment.

And as a beginner, I decided to collect more Philippine silver coins; commonwealth era like US-Philippines released. Since the supply is quite more accessible yet than other latest silver commemorative and US or foreign coins.

But in back of my mind, how I wished to have also some US eagle, Canadian Leaf & Chinese Panda silvers to part to my collection in the near future.
Buying online directly to the minting or authorize dealers, we'll get some reasonable price then but the shipping cost to send it to Philippines is really a jaw dropping..