With internet access nowadays, every stock or investor can have an easy and real time data online. All the information about stock market and recommendations or study where the market next goes is available to your broker trader’s platform. You can subscribe it for neither daily nor weekly stock analysis from your broker or from other institution doing this research for their clients. Great isn’t? For a trader with no lot of time to do studies and basic technical analysis or just reading fundamental status of each company, for which is better to buy. Lot of forums also you can find now online giving stock tips for free!

Will then, personally, I never consider them seriously. Even my own broker, send me a daily market analysis and also on weekly stock recommendation on my e-mail as a tip for the next wave. Wow, it seems that trading now online is becoming more convenient, but how come only few succeeded on this venture? Despite all this information free flowing and some insider tip given, still few got profit.

First to consider by taking stock tip or recommendation is to know “who are this people” giving you an advice?, “how sure is it really?”. Anyone can give you a tip daily, even our own house maid can imagine what will be the next stock big-bangs based only from their own thoughts and experience on their daily lives, like instance also to the taxi drivers can speculate the next petrol price then followed by higher fare next days. There’s no harm on taking advices from your broker or anybody whom you trust, but see it only as a reference only.

One best way to test any tip or stock recommendation is to investigate on stock trading price trend or the tape itself. Stock market is brutal to those who lives on hope, it only seek factual data for the future stand and won’t care on how ones feels about any stock at any given time. For technical traders, it usually look for a certain price support or level as a basis whether the stock tip is really working or not, but price movements on one or two fluctuations higher doesn’t confirm that the study was right. On this scenario, technical charts are handy tools for observations, to find strong momentum build-ups. Fundamental investors believe more on financial data, since most of the speculated stocks are just jockeyed by other players. Hot stock tips really surges in few days but also drop rapidly after the jockey players hit their target selling price, this process also know as “price manipulation”. If you're good enough and manage to ride on this rollercoster, then good for you, but only few have done that specially for an online trader; online trader are usually an individualism buyer and no match to the pack of wolves on the arena. In Philippines, this game is rampant to the second and third liner public listed companies. The market arena never show pity, specially for the newbies or just a speculator buyers.

Stock traders who bought stocks and just hope that it will bounce sooner usually end up to the losing position, or considered to be the last man holding the baggage and none now are willing to buy his price. By disparate to escape, the trader will accept his losing price. This are the main reasons, why we need to do research by our own, it’s our own hard earned money are on stake, not by your broker or anybody tips giver. Remember, the stock market didn’t look for a hero. We need to make sure that we’re not jumping into the trap or being trick into investing where jockeys are planning to bail out.

The best way to protect your funds is to do your own research, neither technical or fundamental. Invest on knowledge and develop more effective system for trading or investment.