In second round, we made good profit at new IPO’s on this year 2011. But again, it’s not that easy exactly. Wolves are all smiling at trading arena, awaits its easy share.

This where just a continuation of my first entry, “EASY PROFIT FROM IPO’s (Initial Public Offering)“

Technical traders like me didn’t have really a plenty of time to read bulks of financial data, digging information for their backgrounds and stability then to be perspective to their plan and profit in the future? Wow… I’m not saying that I’m a very good-cool guy, but it just I don’t have time to be on it. But I do love to trade stocks and eventually, I made profits… I humbly consider myself just a speculator than a technical most of the time, but what ever it is… I made profit and that’s good enough then for me.

From my previous post, I clearly mentioned that you’re buying this newly approved public listed company’s shares at the purpose of trading only. Enjoy the ride and then run your profit. If ever you wanted this company to hold longer, better to hands-off first for a while and waits for the support price indicators.

Megawide Construction Corp. (mWIDE), officially step the Philippine Stock Exchange last February 18, 2011 at the opening price of Php7.86/share. At that moment, you could see immediately a good opportunity after a strong volume of influx buyers. And indeed, on March 01, 2011 it reached the peak of his mount at Php8.75/s. A black hammer candle also appeared on that day, an indicator for reversal. In less that 15 days, it roughly brings at least 11.32% profit just by riding the waves. And as of today, mWIDE already surge Php9.18/s as his highest price for four consecutive months. It's a common trick anyway, riding the momentum as a basic profiting on short-term trading.

And as always, the best way to get higher profit as possible is to place order the earlier as possible. Hitting the iron while it’s hot; as they say. But this way of trading can be dangerous, specially for a beginner since theirs no assurance that you’ll win on this scenario. Like instance what happen to Cebu Pacific Airlines stock price movement.

Cebu Pacific Airlines or Cebu Air,Inc. (CEB), open to public last Oct. 27, 2010 at the opening price of Php132.00/share. On the first day and to the whole week, all black candle rallied. At this point, we know we’re in trouble after buying it at a higher price. For the whole week it closed at price Php125.40/share, there’s nothing we can do on here but to save our funds from the burning plane.

And this is the price we can get for being an aggressor at the market. Riding the wave strategy is NOT truly for a newbie, it requires strong emotional control especially when you wrongly catch a double edge blade. But for me, it’s worth it to try. Because this how traders play, we lost but be sure next time you’ll win to cover-up previous mistakes and everything is all part of learning.

Dance number presentation by the Megawide Movers and with the special participation of Ms. Anne Curtis during the Megawide Construction Corporation's IPO at the Philippine Stock Exchange last February 18, 2011.

The gorgeous dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Air! As they show the safety measures of the plane, this is during the first trading (listing) day of Cebu Air, Inc. (CEB) common shares (IPO). It was performed at the stage of the Philippine Stock Exchange; Trading Floor, Ayala Tower One.