Below are the current dividends and rights posted at Philippine Stock Exchange as of June 10, 2011 with a complete date. Others with TBA posting not included on this list.

Take note, if you're interested to avail this, you must purchase or have a share of stocks before the ex-date mentioned and it will reflect automaticaly on your portfolio flatform if you're trading online. All this will be done by your online broker, inform them the soonest, the better.

SYM     TYPE       VALUE                     EX-DIV  DATE        DATE PAYABLE    
LSC       CASH     P0.025 per share      14-Jun-2011           13-Jul-2011
EEI         CASH     P0.025 per share      01-Sep-2011          30-Sep-2011
RCM      CASH     P0.12 per share(reg) 21-Jun-2011           15-Jul-2011
RCM      CASH     P0.16 per share (spl) 21-Jun-2011           15-Jul-2011
AMC      CASH     P0.15 per share (spl)  01-Sep-2011          30-Sep-2011    
SMC      CASH     P0.35 per common shr  05-Jul-2011         22-Jul-2011
AC         CASH     P2.00 per share          27-Jun-2011            26-Jul-2011
DMC      CASH     P1.00 per common shr  10-Jun-2011        07-Jul-2011
FDC       CASH     P0.0475 per share      16-Jun-2011          14-Jul-2011
CEU       CASH     P0.50 per share           07-Jun-2011          07-Jul-2011
CDC       STOCK  20%                             04-Jul-2011           02-Aug-2011
CDC       CASH     Php 0.05 per share      08-Jun-2011         08-Jul-2011
LAND     STOCK   20%                             11-Jul-2011           09-Aug-2011
LAND     CASH     Php 0.14 per share      14-Jun-2011          13-Jul-2011
PERC    CASH     Php0.10 per share       15-Sep-2011        14-Oct-2011
PERC    CASH     P0.10 per share           13-Jun-2011         13-Jul-2011    
ACPR    CASH     9.4578% rate/annum    22-Jun-2011         21-Jul-2011
ALHI       CASH     P0.32 per share           27-Jun-2011          15-Jul-2011
FPHP     CASH     P4.36155 per share     06-Jul-2011           01-Aug-2011
ACPA     CASH     8.88% rate/annum       27-Jul-2011           25-Aug-2011

FOOD     One (1) Rights Share for            29-Jun-2011         24-Jun-2011
            every 2.2 Common Shares Held
                      P1.00 per share   

Check this video clip below, it may enlighten you more about dividend strategies on investing. Then you can decide for yourself about the purpose of buying this company's share, isn't not just because they're posting good higher dividends then you can assume that you're now a the best track.

Happy investing and God Bless...