Aside from stock market, I also fascinated to collect old or silver coins. I believed personally, that collecting or investing on precious coins like silver and gold is also profitable in the long run. 

And if we been involved in collecting rare or commemorative coins, we need at least to know the how to grade the coin condition as a basic bases to it's purchase value.

See the estimated grade / condition level designation above each pair of pictures. View each grade level and to compare our coin. When your coin fails to match the details of a particular grade, figure your coin to be the grade prior.

Good ~ Very heavily Worn with even wear over the entire coin surface. Artwork is outlined but may lack outline on portions of the coin. Letters and digits are incomplete with some completely worn away. A coin rim may not be present.

Very Good ~ A small amount of moderate wear mixed with a large amount of very heavy wear. The artwork will show outline only with no fine line art details present. Letters and digits will be incomplete with some letters absent, only portions of the rim will show.

Fine ~ A small amount of heavy wear mixed with a large amount of moderate wear over the entire coin surface. Letters and digits are heavily worn into the rim of the coin, some small letters will be absent from any devices featuring wording in the artwork. Rim is near complete.

Very Fine ~ Moderate even wear over the entire coin surface with small portions of heavy wear, will show a modest amount of detail on some of the smaller fine line artwork. Rim is complete.

Extra Fine ~ Slight to moderate even wear over the entire coins surface, all letters and digits must be sharp and bold, most fine line artwork details will be visible.

Uncirculated ~ Slight to moderate wear on only the highest portions of the coins design.


Mint State ~ No trace of wear from circulation. May lack some details on coin types known to have defects from the time of production, such as incomplete steps on Jefferson Nickels, incomplete bell lines on Franklin Halves and incomplete skirt lines on Walking Liberty Half Dollars.

Other than the grade of the coin, minted quantity also additional factor for premiums to other coin collectors. The lower the quantity minted, the appealing the price to bid.