Bargain-hunters trooped back to the market on this week after investors were partly encouraged by the stable 4Q11 GDP numbers released and by attractive stock prices after the choppy market movement over the past six sessions.  Sectoral averages were mostly higher led by Property and Holding firms while Services average posted a slight decline. 

Optimism over strong economic growth for 2012 could lift share prices again today. Evidence of solid consumer spending coupled with the government’s spending spree are the top two candidates that will push for faster GDP acceleration. Highly recommended are consumer, infrastructure and construction related stocks for mid-term gains. EDC continued to weaken on reports that its BacMan plant will come out of rehabilitation much later than expected. Its parent FGEN also closed lower as chain reactions. Bacman Geothermal Field in Sorsogon is under rehabilitation and it will take longer than expected. In effect, their earnings might be lower this year. Short term traders are starting to dump these stocks same with FPH, but for long term investors, a small alarm can’t sink a whole ship and they’re started to accumulate shares from weaken ropes. 


To join the carpet ride, we must buy now while it’s still low and the overall PSEi is high. Happy investing.