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Posted by jov3n- trader202 on Monday, April 25, 2011, In : Trader202: Tips & Tricks 
PSEi get tumbled and roll tremendously after the simultaneous crisis from Middle East & Japan this past few months.

DOW world market is the general performer which also rides our local prices, aside from this... based from my/our experienced, first and second quarter of the year is usually the hardest part to profit

 I decided to settled my funds at holding sector which is the AEV or Aboitiz Company. Mother company of Aboitiz businesses, where I believed that this large-cap will protect my...

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Posted by jov3n- trader202 on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, In : Out of the Trading-Arena 
Hi guy / gals, it’s been quite long time I’ve never updated my/this site. For few months, I meet new friends with a very interesting hobby, Airsoft Games! I’m easily got accustomed to this new hobby during my weekends and one of the main reasons why I love this game so much now is their remarkable suits & equipments.

Airsoft game is just a recreational activity which you can eliminate your opponents by hitting them with a spherical plastic pellets through the airsoft pump or gun. Game s...
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