In Philippines, there’s two broadcasting network that always on edge of rivalry; ABS-CBN and GMA7 network.

It’s been a decade already as I remember that still they continue to post their muscle to the public to shows who’s the best.

Notably, these two giants are the biggest, largest, most innovative and powerful television broadcasting in the Philippines. Both claims have brighter talents, high rating, most awarded and a number one TV station in our country.

ABS-CBN has been on spot light in 1986 when President Cory Aquino gave back power to its owner; the Lopez family. The station is been seized by the Government under President Ferdinand Marcos during the Martial Law period in 1972.

From my childhood, I still remember watching TV shows from ABS-CBN like “Maalala Mo Kaya” and “TV Patrol”, which is still on program ‘till these days.

GMA7 just emerged as the best station in early 80’s and made monumental shows like “Bubble Gang” and “Eat Bulaga”… what a hick? Every Pilipino knows the show Eat Bulaga of course! Personally, I love their documentaries like “I-witness”, “Reporters Notebook”.

These two giants have never stopped competing to each other and the public sometimes made them a laughing debate issue.  BUT WHO CARES? For an ordinary Pilipino, none… but for the advertiser, producers, and other business people behind the scene of the TV shows… this is everything. To be a number one.

But how about us? Stock market short term trader didn’t care much about this except if we’re looking for a long term investment. Since short term traders focuses on price movements, below are the chart of this two giants. For my pick for the last quarter of this year and hopes for my additional funds on Christmas holiday in God willing… I choose to buy ABS-CBN and only small part at GMA7. Advertisers will flock for sure both of this broadcasting companies for different product endorsements.

Base on charts, ABS-CBN is more promising now. I didn’t care if their number one on view ratings or not, what I care most is the Bollinger, RSI, MACD chart formation that gives me confident that could bounce sooner. If it didn’t go as my expectation, I’ll transfer soon on the more stable price movement; GMA7.
ABS-CBN Tag-ulan ID station 2011 video: